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A little RPG game

You are elderly people in a Nursing home. No one comes to see you
anymore. You want to talk with others, tell them about your life, your
dreams, and your memories.

Sit around a table. Get nine matches and an ashtray. Cut a paper sheet
in nine pieces and write a word in each piece. These words are your
conversation topics.


One of you take a piece of paper and begins to talk about the topic in
it. While speaking he lights a match and set fire to the paper in the
ashtray. All of you talk about the proposed topic until the paper is
consumed. Then a new elder takes another piece of paper and proceeds in
the same way, but all of you have forgotten your memories related to the
previous topic. You cannot use them in the new conversation. If the
memories are necessary (for example, you must have CHILD in order to
have GRANDCHILD), you must justify it in another way.

Finish when the nine pieces of paper have been burned -and, with them, all your memories.


Winner 200 Word RPG Challenge

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